First, thank you for your choice to buy Fensterman products, whether are windows, doors or shutters.

We know how important it is that they must functions for many years and for this reason we want to help with some tips on their maintenance.

Just like everything, windows need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. It is recommended to clean them with a clean cloth with cleaning solution that does not contain organic solvents (gasoline, alcohol, acetone or aromatic agents - benzene, etc.) or abrasives (e.g. Tix).

If, by mistake, have been used banned substances, is imperative that the joinery should be washed with plenty of water. These substances alter the composition of PVC in depth.

Glass is recommended to be cleaned with detergents and be carefully that they would not flow on PVC frame. Also will use only clean soft cloth to avoid scratching the glass. In case is very dirty with dust,
wash glass first with plenty of water only, without physical contact with cloth or other cleaning tool. Do not use metal objects for cleaning (blade, spatula, wire cloth, etc.).

After installation of joinery, be careful with the wall renovation, not fall concrete onto  the fittings. This can damage irreparably the fittings! Before the renovation, is recommended to cover all metal parts with protective paper strip.

Is very important that after mounting the windows and realization the exterior finishes to remove the protective film off the PVC frames as early as posible (within 3 months). As from sun exposure, your risk that the protective film it can not be removed will increase.

For windows to seal properly a long time , it is recommended to lubricate the rubber seals with silicone based substances every 6-12 months .

Another important element in a window is fittings reliability. Therefore Fensterman recommended that its moving parts to be lubricated with oil for fine mechanisms every 12 months. Great attention: do not use any form of kitchen oil!

Thank you for choosing products Fensterman and we wish you enjoy them as much as possible.